How to choose the right rug:

When a house is decorated, whether professionally or otherwise, one of the first decisions to be made is about the floor covering. The choices in floor coverings are virtually limitless, but many people limit their selection to rugs, and then explore the possibilities within that general category.

Rug use

Rugs are used in many rooms of the house, indeed in almost every room. Area rugs are used in the living room to add to the general décor, to define seating and television viewing and general use area, as well as to provide boundaries for traffic patterns and flow. Fine oriental rugs may occupy a place of honor in the middle of the room, or they may be more subtly used to define a conversation area. Just because it’s a discount area rug doesn’t mean that it should be hidden away in a back bedroom. In the kitchen, discount rugs are often chosen because of food spills and traffic present in the kitchen area. 

Discount rugs are less expensive, but that doesn’t mean they are cheap area rugs, in the negative sense of the word. Kitchen rugs may almost be considered disposable, in the sense that may only be used one season before being discarded. They must be easily cleanable. A cheap area rug is often used as a bath rug because it must withstand lots of moisture and also must be cleanable. One doesn’t want to see mold and mildew build up on the bathroom rugs because of the risk of disease and other health problems.

What is the rug made out of ?

A good quality wool rug will last for years, particularly if not placed in an area where fading and traffic wear is a factor. Discount rugs are often made of man-made fibers and are usually produced in factories rather than by hand such an oriental rug.  Persian rugs are produced at great cost and are intended to last for many years. Persian rugs have been known to be mentioned in wills and are granted to lucky heirs as a possession of great value. A wool rug is the favorite when beauty and durability is the most important factor. Kitchen rugs and bath rugs are often made of fibers which are washable

Rug color, size and shape

Braided rugs are often oval in shape, but can also be round or oblong. Braided rugs often present a more casual, even “country” appearance. Rugs now come in almost every color scheme and size. It seems that the more expensive a rug is, the more traditional its shape and coloration. Discount rugs, though are designed in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs. You can find theme rugs for everything from a child’s Superman rug to the sports enthusiast’s area rug in the colors of his favorite football team. Discount rugs also may appear in some unusual shapes, such as the shape and coloration of a flower which might make perfect bathroom rugs.

No matter what your need is for area rugs, you can find it in your fine carpet and floor covering store, or at the local discount rugs marketplace. Enjoy your shopping and don’t be afraid to try something new and different in the selection of your rugs.

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