Care & Use of Traditional Rugs

One should make use of traditional rugs as they reduce noise pollution and loss of heat through the floor.  Traditional rugs also provide comfort for sitting and lying compared to a hard wooden floor. However rugs needs to be cleaned regularly and they are hard to maintain compared to a hard floor.  On a hard floor all you may need to do is clean up the surface with a mop.  This is not possible on a floor with a traditional rug.  Further the biggest hurdle lies in the maintenance of the rug.  Stain can be caused very easily on traditional rugs by spilled drinks. Traditional rugs also tend to absorb fur from your pets.  Traditional rugs are to be cleaned regularly by a vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from accumulating on the surface and below the surface.  If your traditional rug happens to be a dark color or a single uniform color without any designs, then the dust particles are likely to show up against the background.  Dust collected on these rugs is a cause for allergy to asthmatic patients. 

When making use of traditional rugs, it is advisable to make use of traditional rug cushions, especially when using the rug on the floor.  This not only increases the life of your traditional rug but also gives it a classic look. 

Plastic foams are best cushions for traditional rugs because they do not stain your traditional rugs as well as floor. Plastic cushions also provide good wear protection.  Jute, waffle and rubber pad should not be used as traditional rugs cushions.

Be sure to flip your traditional rug regularly.  This distributes the wear and fading both sides on the traditional rugs. Your traditional rugs should be inspected regularly for insects. Insects like beetle can damage your traditional rugs. Inspect your rug regularly for damage by insects and treat your rug for moths.  As mentioned earlier, vacuuming your traditional rugs is necessary periodically. When making use of your vacuum cleaner, be sure to use it without the beater bar.

If you’re traditional rugs get dirty due to accidental spills, clean the spill immediately.  Immediate cleaning will prevent permanent staining taking place on your traditional rugs. Train your pets to let up outside the house only.  Pet wetting causes stains that are not easily removable.  Don’t let your pets chew up part of the rug, this damages the rug and treasured weaving of your traditional rugs get damaged due to the chewing.  If you’re traditional rugs happens to get wet, and then dry it as fast as possible, possibly with a blow dryer.  Do not put the heater on.  Wetting the traditional rug is likely to cause irreparable damage to your rug.  You should try to keep your traditional rug from getting wet.  For this follow a few golden rules:-

Rule 1: Do let your pets wet the rug.

Rule 2: Do not keep any flower pots on the rug. 
(The prolonged moisture from the plant and mildew is likely to drain into the rug thereby damaging it)

Rule 3: If you find that your rug is dirty try to clean it only by specified methods.  Do not wet clean the rug. 

Rule 4: Do not stem clean your rug or clean it by any automated means.

If you happen to notice any damage to the rug that is caused by fraying or normal wear and tear, get the area repaired.  Leaving a fray or wear unattended will reduce the value of the rug and will give the rug a bad look.  A little care and cautiousness preserves the value of your traditional rugs and prevent major damage to your traditional rugs.  Your traditional rug will serve you well if you give it a little care and attention. 

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