Give Your Home A Unique Aesthetic Fervor With Egyptian rugs

Although the tradition of weaving the rugs had been the manifestation of the Egyptian art and culture since the time immemorial, yet immediately after the Egypt got independence from the British rule in the first phase of 20th century, the Egyptian rugs started to enter the global rug market. At the moment the Egyptian rugs – especially the ancient styled Egyptian rugs have become the world’s most demanding categories of rugs – especially for the occidental customers.

While the modern day’s contemporary Egyptian rugs come in a wide variety of art and themes, the early Egyptian rugs used to be divided into two distinctive rug weaving periods -- the Mamluks and the Ottomans. The weaving styles of these two categories of Egyptian rugs were different from each other.

The greatest period of weaving the Egyptian rugs in Egypt was during the reign of Mamluks, which started from the 15th century and ended in the early 16th century. The Egyptian rugs of this period used to be called as the Mamluks and were usually characterized by the complex geometrical patterns with a wide range of vibrant colors. The color combination of the Mamluks Egyptain rugs was also inspirational and eye catching.

The conquest of the Ottoman Turks during the year 1517 had affected the art of the Egyptian rugs to a great extent. Immediately after the ottoman Turks conquered it, the geometrical designs of the Egyptian rugs turned into the curves of different patterns, sizes and combination. These Egyptian rugs used to be called as the Ottoman rugs and period of weaving this category of Egyptian rugs did not last for as long as the previous one. 

The decorative Egyptian rugs woven by the master weavers of the mystic land of Egypt are really awe-inspiring and are different from the famous Egyptian rugs with the figurative representations of the ancient kings and the queens. These decorative Egyptian rugs are also quite different from the decorative rugs of other categories. These decorative Egyptian rugs are the finest quality of rugs that are usually hand woven with the skilled Egyptian carpet weavers by the dint of the finest grade of wool. Crafted out of high quality materials to last for several generations, these Egyptian rugs have own a great deal of admiration and acceptance all over the world.

Boasting on the subtle strokes of artworks the Egyptian rugs have come up with the commitments to decorate the millions of modern homes by the dint of some unique aesthetic fervor. The Egyptian carpets does not only serve the purpose of decorating the floors or the walls of the modern homes, but also depicts a great deal regarding the traditional art and culture of the Egypt, thereby enhancing the sophistication of the place.
Due to the enactment of the import restriction law in the year 1950, Egypt had to resume its hand woven rug production process within and around Cairo. Although these contemporary rugs were of high quality Egyptian failed to meet the high demand for the Egyptian rugs, as only scanty quantity of rugs were exported. This volume was really insufficient as compared to the sky touching demand for the Egyptian rugs.    


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